Stubhub Review | We Tell the Truth About This Scam

Attending live concerts and sporting events are unlimited fun. But, often you need often purchase tickets well in advance. One of the faster ways to purchase the tickets is through online. Purchasing tickets online prevents the burden of standing in long lines at the ticket counter, but if the events are on demand, you will only have a narrow window for purchasing the tickets. Websites like StubHub is a best alternative for getting tickets online. But is StubHub legit? Let’s find out.

What is StubHub

StubHub works the same as any other website for purchasing tickets, but it acts as an online trading platform for tickets. You can purchase tickets for your favorite events from other users on the platform. It is a peer-to-peer service, so even if the tickets are sold out on the official website or at the event site, you can still purchase them from other users who do not want their tickets. In the same way, if you already purchased tickets for an event, and do not want to attend it for some reason, you can use this service to put those tickets for sale on StubHub.

StubHub’s History

First things first, StubHub is owned by eBay, and is definitely a legit company. It is founded in 2000, and is acquired by eBay in 2007. It has over 14 million users visiting the website every day. It has more than 100 partners in the sports, entertainment and technology.

Now the question, “is StubHub legit?” arises because, when you are purchasing tickets from StubHub, you are getting the tickets from a random person, rather than the website itself. StubHub just acts a platform to allow the bargain between two people, who are unknown to each other. So, instead of asking the question ‘is StubHub legit?’ you should be asking the question ‘are the users of StubHub legit?’

You will find many reviews online where the users experienced scamming from other users. While StubHub tries to limit the users who scam, and also offers protection for the users from those who scam, it does not hurt to take some precautions while purchasing tickets through StubHub. You may still wonder, “Is Stubhub legit?”. Below are some tips for buying tickets on StubHub safely.

  • Tickets that can be downloaded instantly are more reliable.
  • Research the prices of the events beforehand and then proceed to buy on StubHub.
  • Be aware of the ‘FanProtect Guarantee,’ offered by StubHub, which guarantees the tickets purchased on the website, and reimburses you accordingly in case of any unforeseen event.
  • If you experience any problem during or after purchasing tickets, contact their customer service immediately

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